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who we are

inNOVAtive PACKaging & interconnect company in Europe for microelectronics;

Founded in 2003, fully private and independent.

Individuals with 30+ years of experience in IC packaging, hermetic and non hermetic, standard, tailored or full custom, micro-injection moulding and high precision machining to print.

Conveniently located in the heart of the Microelectronics valley in the French Alps, near Grenoble and Lyon Airport/TGV hub.

We welcome unusual requests and creative ideas

What we offer :
Hi-Rel Cavity packages with JEDEC STD outlines or “full custom”, tools and accessories for assemblies
  • Liquid Cristal Polymer (LCP) based : Hi-Rel replacement of moist absorbing thermoset resin and as substitute to expensive ceramic
  • Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) based : as replacement of heavy bulky metals and alloys from legacy
  • Metal tools, graphite jigs, trays & accessories

IC Assembly services from wafer-in to fully assembled and marked, consumables from world class industrial partner

User Experience :
  • Microelectronic, micro-connectic, mechatronic, photonic, aeronautic and space, defense, energy conversion and management, plastronic.
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